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Karoo Heartland Flower & Gift Delivery

Bloomable (formerly SA Florist) delivers fresh blooms to The Karoo Heartland fast!

With over 20 years of experience in the floristry and delivery industry, Bloomable (formerly SA Florist) has now developed a marketplace online in which local florists can update their individual floral designs and products. This allows customers to then be able to buy flowers, floral designs and gifts according to where they need them to be sent. If the order is in before midday, Bloomable (formerly SA Florist) will even promise delivery on that very same day.

Our various options of flowers and floral arrangements that we have made available to customers can cover any situation. Our floral products include many flowers, such as mixed roses, chrysanthemums, anthiriums, lisianthus, St Josephs, agapanthus, lilies, freesias, Inca lilies, roses, proteas, carnations and gerberas. Flowers can make your moments, and always make occasions a little bit better. Even for those sombre and soberer situations, St Joseph’s or Inca lilies will turn a smile. Or nothing quite says “Good luck” like bright and soft carnations, nor does anything say romance like red roses or gerberas. Trust Bloomable (formerly SA Florist), our Karoo Heartland florists know what you need and they agree that flowers can simply make a moment.

If you want something a bit bigger, we have gift baskets and hampers to go with your flower arrangement! Throw in chocolate, nuts, fruit, balloons, sweets, sparkling wine or even plush toys. Make it as impressively big or sensitively small as you desire. Bloomable (formerly SA Florist) wants to make your moment special.

Bloomable (formerly SA Florist) provides customers with an online geo-locating catalogue that markets independent florist’s products according to their location. This allows our customers to send their favourite flowers from wherever the beautiful bouquets and hampers have to be delivered to. We at Bloomable (formerly SA Florist) support the local community of independent florists, while ensuring that our order and delivery system is always easier and faster. Bloomable (formerly SA Florist) delivers fresh flowers around the Karoo Heartland fast.

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