Hi there, it's nice to meet you. We're BLOOMABLE.

We started our journey as SA Florist, we have always and will always be for local artisans. In fact, our business was borne out of a passionate commitment to support local florists who were trying to compete on a larger scale, but sadly didn't have the resources.

Fast forward 9 years of nationwide gifting and fresh flower delivery, and here we are. To date, we've built meaningful relationships with over 200 artisans, empowering them to expand their businesses by using our tech marketplace as their online hub.

We initiated a Florist Empowerment Program and launched a service called Zoom Bloom that allows customers to order flowers and have them delivered within two hours in JHB, CPT, PTA and DBN. And while it's been an incredible journey so far, we're ready to evolve. Because we want more. More for our florists and artisans. More for our customers. More for our business. And more for the greater good of creating a sustainable, responsible gifting solution for the market.

So, here's what we're doing:

People think we’re a florist. But we're not. We’re a premium gifting service that collaborates with florists and local artisans to design and deliver gifting excellence, with heart. We make it easy for you to buy and send the freshest flowers and most beautiful gifts to your loved ones anywhere in South Africa.

We know that each time you send a gift from Bloomable, what you’re really doing is telling someone that you care. That’s why we make it our business to handle each and every order with the greatest attention to detail. We care deeply, too. Our customer service team works around the clock to make sure that we fulfil on our promise to deliver happiness.

But we don’t want to limit ourselves to flowers. We currently have a living, breathing business model and we want it to keep on growing with us. We’re redefining ourselves and opening a new chapter. We want everything we say and do to reflect our mission to enable our partners, our customers, and ourselves, to bloom.

And that’s why we’ve changed our name to: BLOOMABLE


Let’s look at our new name. Split up into two - BLOOM and ABLE - it clearly celebrates the ability to bloom. And this is something that resonates so deeply with us - the potential to flourish, the promise of growth; and the ability to thrive.

The word ‘BLOOM’ keeps us firmly rooted in our history of flowers, but by definition also propels us into a future of growth and expansion. Because to bloom is quite literally to grow.

Then there’s ‘ABLE,’. It says ‘we can.’ And it focuses on ability: Our ability, our florists’ and artisans’ ability and our customers’ ability to spread joy. It also highlights our ability as a business to identify the bloomability in those we collaborate with.