Vision, Mission & Values


  1. [blue-mih-bill] noun:
    A digital marketplace focussed on helping people, communities and small businesses to grow, thrive and connect through the cultivation of happiness.

  2. [blue-mih-bill] adjective:
    Able to bloom; capable of growth; rich in possibilities; potential to flourish; shows promise.


We want to be the brand people turn to when looking for ways to make someone’s day. When people want to send flowers, we want their first thought to be Bloomable. Not only because of our  guaranteed quality offering and obsession with customer service, but because we’re kind, trustworthy and we truly give a damn. And not because we say we give a damn, but because we show we give a damn - through mindful and sustainable practices.


We are the online marketplace of happiness. This means providing an eCommerce platform for local businesses to thrive on; offering our customers the freshest flowers from local florists; and keeping a strong focus on developing and expanding our artisan gift offering.

We believe in our responsibility to empower small businesses and local artisans in an effort to nourish our local economy - an economy rich with bloomability. We believe in collaboration and that many heads and hearts are better than one. And that the sharing of knowledge and the exchanging of ideas will always result in a heck of a lot of happiness.

We’re a growing team of happy people who’ll stop at nothing to make someone’s day.


We’re all about the science of happiness. And that’s why it’s one of our core values. It’s at the centre of everything we do. We seek it, find it, share it, give it, feel it, deliver it, cultivate it. Why? Because when people are happy, good things happen. And when good things happen, everybody is happy. It’s the ultimate positive feedback loop. And it’s the thing we like to measure our success against. Don’t even get us started on how flowers stimulate the ‘happy chemicals’ in our brains. Ever seen someone receiving blooms? It’s a big part of why we’re in this business. Whether you’re a customer, a supplier or part of our team - we promise to keep happiness at our core.

As a company, trust is a massive part of our culture. It all starts at HQ, where we trust each other implicitly to do whatever needs to be done to keep Bloomable functioning at maximum bloomability. Then there are our florists, whose products we trust before they’re even made. Our relationships with our suppliers are nurtured and real, and while we trust them to deliver on our promise of quality, they trust us to keep building a living, breathing marketplace that connects them to thousand of customers. Customers trust our marketplace - not only for the highest quality blooms and gifts, but for service that’ll knock their socks off. In turn, we trust our customers to give us feedback. And we’re deeply invested in what they have to say. How else will we keep getting better?

While we pride ourselves on being a tech marketplace, we’re ultimately still a group of humans who care deeply about what we do. Many businesses say that they care. But very few actually mean it. And that’s why at Bloomable, we prefer to walk the walk. Our care manifests in everything that we do - from helping small, local businesses grow and thrive in our online marketplace, to making sure our blooms are farm fresh and delivered on time, every time. Most importantly, we’re here for a lifetime of moments - new beginnings, heartfelt endings and everything in between. Transparency helps us show you just how deeply we care about every tiny detail of each one of your experiences. We’re a small company with a big heart. And what matters to you, matters to us. Always.