Nope – we’re not going to give you a history of Valentine’s Day here. It’s all a bit dark actually, and the origins are somewhat murky too. Why? Well the story of Valentine’s Day involves a romantic priest, an execution, gifts of goats and other confusing material. So instead we want to talk about how this day of love seems to change quite a lot for us as we get older. Here’s how it tends to go:

Young boy and girl walking in a field of lavender, holding hands

The Tweens and Teens: Young Love

Ah…the age of innocence. You may have just begun to notice that while you have lots of friends, some of those friends are extra special and you like them in a different way. So, you try and catch them while playing kissing catches. You scribble love notes and hide them in their desk. And, as Valentine’s Day approaches, you take some of your pocket money, head to the shops and buy something you know they’ll love: a teddy bear, a big box of their favourite chocolates, or a bunch of bright blooms.

Your 20s: Playing the Field

At this age, you’re probably keeping your options open, figuring out what you want from a partner, and having some fun while you do it. Now’s the time when dating plays a major role in your social life, which means coming up with Valentine’s Day ideas could be slightly nerve-wracking.

Relax – we’ve got you covered. Do a little research on the person who takes your fancy (we’re not talking about stalking them though) and come up with a plan for when the 14th of February comes around. They may be the picnic-at-home-with-candles-and-flowers type, the romantic-dinner-at-the-best-restaurant-in-town type or the Netflix and chill type. Whatever your research reveals, be sure to personalize your love’s Valentine’s Day.

Couple in their late thirties, holding a flower bouquet, laughing and hugging together in the sunshine

Your 30s and 40s: Older and Wiser

You’re a bit wiser these days – and quite a lot busier, too. Whether it’s work, or children, or a mix of both, you barely have time to buy the groceries, let alone plan a lot of romance. But this is precisely when romance matters more than ever. Beauty blogger and writer Leigh van der Berg certainly agrees with this sentiment. “Many years ago, the man I was seeing gave me a frying pan as a gift. No lies. He wasn’t romantic at all, and I put up with a string of practical gifts for 11 years. Now that I’m older, that will never do. I will get all the mush because it IS important and now I demand it.”

Follow Leigh’s advice and really make an effort with your partner: send them a show stopping carnival of colourful blooms, book them a massage if they’ve had a stressful time at work, or order their favourite takeout meal and enjoy it together on a picnic blanket in the lounge.

Your 50s and 60s: Keeping the Romance Alive

If you’ve stuck it out with your partner, you probably know each other pretty well by now. Or perhaps you may have settled down with someone new? Either way, this is not the age to get complacent when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Add that element of surprise and book a skydiving session together, take them to a movie under the stars, or send a big bunch of sprightly red gerberas to their office (it’s always nice for their co- workers to see how much they’re loved).

Hands of an older couple, keeping their love alive

Your 70s and older: The Golden Years

Chances are you may have some grandkids nipping around your ankles. As you’ve gone through life, you’ve begun to realise how many different kinds of love there are. And so, your Valentine’s Day story may be about celebrating this as well. Organise a picnic with the whole family, help your grandchildren choose something for their mom or dad, or spoil that special someone in your life with a pretty posy.

From the puppy love of your teens to the wiser love you have for your extended family when you’re over 70, how you show love changes as you age. But while this may be true, no matter how old you are, Valentine’s Day is a shining opportunity to spread some love around – so let’s make someone’s day, together.

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