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Pink is the New Red: All About Valentine’s Day Flower Colours

A marvellous magnificent bouquet of blush hues mixed with pink gerberas, roses, penny gum and greenery

Ever heard of Millennial Pink? Neither had we. Then we discovered that it’s a colour that’s having a bit of a moment. So, what is its actual hue? Think a retro, dusty shade of pink that looks spectacular on feature walls, at home on velvet chairs, or that makes a statement as a bold winter coat.

Millennial Pink first rose to popularity a couple of years ago, and it’s showing no signs of going out of favour. It’s spurred on a whole new love affair with a colour that we’ve always held deep in our hearts – especially because it offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional Valentine’s Day red.

It’s not just pink that gets our hearts a flutter though. All colours play a part in causing us to feel a certain way, which is why they’ve become associated with different meanings through the ages. Want to express your friendly admiration for someone through flowers this Valentine’s Day? Or, want to send a bouquet that hints at your desire for a passionate romance? It’s worth thinking about which colour blooms you choose to send, as you want the right message to get through, loud and clear.

Here’s the lowdown on what the various colours symbolise:


Bouquet of 24 red roses, lying on a table


It’s a classic for a reason. Red flowers – red roses in particular – have long been sent as an instant romantic statement, and are the classic Valentine’s Day flowers. While we love how passionate and eye catching a vivid shade of red is, a little originality goes a long way. If red is your jam, why not mix those graceful ruby Valentine’s roses with some lush greenery? Or think outside the box and add some lip-smacking Lindt? Either way, if you send red, you’re certainly shouting romance from the rooftops.

Bright yellow chrysanthemums growing in a garden


Such a happy colour, yellow. Just as we like to do at Bloomable, yellow has a clever way of instantly spreading happiness. It’s like someone delivering a big, warm hug to your door. For this reason, yellow flowers over the centuries have come to symbolise joy, friendship, as well as new beginnings: think sprightly daffodils, soul-warming sunflowers or cheery daisies.

A close up shot of blue hydrangeas growing in a garden


While there aren’t a lot of blue flowers out there, the ones you do get take your breath away. Just like staring at the azure ocean can calm your mind, blue blooms can gift the lucky recipient with a healthy dose of tranquillity, helping them let go of any worries they’re holding in their hearts. Delightfully elegant, blue Valentine’s bouquets are perfect for that sophisticated and intelligent loved one: think vibrant hydrangeas, exquisite irises or intricate forget-me-nots.

Big, green delicious monster leaves


While brightly coloured flowers will never go out of fashion, green is another colour which has become hugely popular recently when it comes to bouquets. A single delicious monster leaf in a vase is now the favourite of interior designers everywhere, while a simple succulent is both intricate and hardy. Green means rebirth, health and optimism – so sending this kind of bouquet on Valentine’s Day can be a calming contrast to more conventional flower bouquets.

A huge bouquet of bright pink peonies, being held by a girl, over her shoulder


So, what does the colour of the moment symbolise to those who receive it? Pink says grace. A femininity rooted in strength. And it’s one of the most variable shades there is, too. Send a pretty pastel posy for that gentle touch, or ramp it up with pops of colour and send hot pink gerbera to the one you love. Whether you go for punchy cerise, a delicate salmon, or a pretty flamingo, pink Valentine’s Day flowers say that you’re a bit original, and you think they are too.

A classic white rose and St Joseph lily bouquet with penny gum and greenery


Often used in bride’s bouquets, white blooms have also come to represent humility, purity or sympathy. There’s a simple elegance to a silky orchid, a luxe beauty to a lily, and a classic and authentic love expressed when you send someone a vase of pure white Roses.

Excitement. Passion. Friendship. Joy. Whatever type of message you want to send to someone this February 14th, at Bloomable, we’ve got you covered.

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