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How to Choose the Perfect Valentine’s Flowers and Gifts for Your Person

No two blooms are alike, and neither are any two boos. Right?! To help you figure out how to choose the ideal Valentine’s Day flowers and gift that will be just right for your special someone, we’ve created Bloomable’s Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifting.

Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifting

We know that you and your Valentine have a love story like no other, because your person is one in a million.

Whether they’re the ultimate romantic, a minimalist at heart , a lover of luxury , a playful free-spirit , a non-conformist or rustic and rugged, we’ve got a selection of petals, treats and spoils for just about everyone.

It’s time to choose the perfect Valentine’s flowers and gift for your person – so let’s get started.

Valentine’s Roses & Gifts for the Classic Romantic

A love story for the ages, your ideal time together is a spent in an indulgence of intimate moments, enjoying candle-lit dinners, playing soft love songs and swooning over sparkling sunsets. Choose one of these classic romance gifts and flowers for your person:

Set the Stage for Romance with this Romantic Spa Lover Set: This spa-in-a-box is an ultra-romantic Valentine treat for a night of pampering. Artisanal heart soap, a set of 4 bath tea squares, bath salt, luxe 100% cotton face cloth and a handmade wooden tea-light candle will create an intimate, sensual at-home Valentine’s experience to ramp up the romance! It’s one of our fave valentine’s flowers and gifts.

Spoil Them with this Love Supreme Bouquet:

What is more romantic on Valentine’s day than a gorgeous bunch of classic red roses? This exquisite red rose bouquet, wrapped in kraft paper and delivered with love, absolutely lives up to its name!

Let Them Know They’re Always Royal with this Sundowners Selection:Fit for a queen (or king) this romantic Valentine’s day gift box comes with everything you need for an intimate sundowner session for two. Pop the cork, nibble on delicious cheese and melba toast, and cheers to your love!

Show Them Your Soft Side with this Premier Romantic Red Rose Bouquet:

This premier hand-tied red rose bouquet is a Valentine’s day classic with a touch of playfulness. Create your bouquet from an assortment of sizes – starting with a dozen red roses, all the way up to sixty – and your loved-one will know that they are adored!

Valentine’s Flowers & Gifts for the Practical Minimalist.

They’re hands-on, practical and always doing or creating something. They believe less is more, and enjoy keeping their hands busy. They appreciate a gift that is both practical and precious, which is why we’re pretty sure that we know how to help you choose the ideal Valentine’s day flowers and gift. We bet that they’ll absolutely love this selection of Valentine’s day gifts and flowers:

Send A Treat for the Senses with this Romantic Rose Arrangement and Lindt Chocolate:This sweet Valentine’s day gift combines both blooms and chocolate , pairing red and pink roses with a delectable Lindt Lindor treat. It’s not just something to look at – it’s yummy and cute, too – just like your Valentine!

Show Them That You’ll Always Love and Protect Them:

This essential gift box is filled with the love, care and basics that your person needs to keep protected. Containing an adorable heart soap, a 100% cotton face cloth, Cape Island Natural Hand Cream and Cape Island Instant hand sanitiser in a pretty glass bottle, it’s a gift that will make sure that your loved one’s hands are in good hands, too.

Keep it Sweet ‘n Simple:This minimalist arrangement is created for the person who lives by the mantra “less is more”. Five sweet but simple red Gerbera daisies, arranged in a dainty glass vase, add a loving pop of colour to a small space without overwhelming the room.

Help Them Start Their Days with the Joys of Java:

If your person is a coffee-holic, or longs to join the brew-crew, this perfectly practical box of Java Joy will get their days started right

Extravagant Valentine’s Bouquets & Gifts for the Lover of Luxury.

They’re all about the finer things in life, and you want to send them an indulgent Valentine’s day surprise that lets them know that you’ve gone all out for love this year. From the ultimate gesture of Valentine’s extravagance – 100 red roses – to decadent snacks and treat boxes that are both heavenly and hedonistic, Bloomable is ready to send a special selection of luxury gifts and flowers to your lover.

Delight Them With a Decadent Jumbo Snack Box and Floral Arrangement:It’s a luxury Valentine’s day feast, filled with all the indulgences your person loves – from the sweetest treats, to snacktastic savoury spoils. We’re talking biltong and droewors, Lindt chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, dried fruit and mixed luxury nuts. Plus, this decadent gift box arrives with a vibrant arrangement of pink and red blooms, lovingly arranged in a clear vase. What more could your Valentine ask for?

Indulge Them In Limitless Luxury with 100 Red Roses:

The ultimate seduction, this jaw-dropping arrangement of no less than 100 romantic red blooms makes a statement like no other. It’s an exquisite gesture of extravagant adoration for a love that knows no limits.

Send Them an Extravagant Selection of Simply the Best to Spoil Them:Celebrate your love in the lap of luxury this Valentine’s day with this impeccable box of sweet and savoury delights. This gift includes a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne, a sumptuous slab of Lindt chocolate, jumbo Ferrero Rocher chocolates, biltong, dried fruit, nuts and more. When nothing less than the best will do!

Treat Them To a Vase of Voluptuous Red Roses and Gorgeous Greenery:

The classic red rose vase is a timeless Valentine’s day classic. Choose from a vase full of 12, 24, 40, or even 50 ravishing red roses and create a moment that will absolutely wow your person this Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Surprises for the Playful, Free-Spirit.

Your person is free-spirited, joyful and has the aura of an artist. They are playful, young at heart, and prone to bouts of whimsy. Wondering how to choose the ideal Valentine’s Day flowers and gift for this magical creature? We’ve got the just the selection of Valentine’s day gifts and flowers to resonate with the soul of the playful person that you so deeply adore.

Show Them How Love Grows in the Garden of Love:Your creative, free-spirited person might just fall head-over-kale for this creative arrangement of greenery, roses and red blooms, featuring a show-stopping gem – ornamental cabbage!

Indulge Their Chocolate-Loving Sweet Tooth:

The answer to each and every one of your person’s chocolate cravings, this box of chocolates takes their sweet addiction to the next level. A sweetly extravagant gift, including two selections of Ferrero Rocher, a Lindt slab and Lindt Lindor treats, plus a Rolo slab, Snickers bar, TV bar … and M&Ms, it’s the box your lover’s dentist warned them about!

Send Your Sweetheart A Lindt Love Letter:This pretty, playful arrangement of pink and red blooms paired with a tasty Lindt Cornett is the whimsical way to your lover’s heart. Fun, fresh and radiant, it’s an adorable Valentine’s day delight.

Get Sweet and Saucy!:

This delectable gift box of savoury, spice, and all things nice is a fun, totally unique Valentine’s day gift. Chocolate indulges their sweet side, hot sauce turns up the heat, and a few bags of luxury nuts and biltong seal the deal. Is it just us, or is it about to get hot up in here?

Valentine’s Gifts & Blooms for the Non-Conformist.

They’re a non-traditionalist at heart, and not afraid to break the mould. They’re a little bit off-beat, and let’s just say that frilly hearts and pink posies are not quite their jam. We’ve got you covered with these untypical Valentine’s day flowers and gifts to let your person know that you understand how not all Valentine’s roses are always exclusively red!

Send Them an Unusual Bright Purple and Orange Valentine’s Day Arrangement:This magical surprise is perfectly out of the ordinary, filled with happy orange roses, strong purple petals, and playful greenery. Expertly arranged by your local florist in a clear glass vase, it’s off-beat and beautiful!

Treat Their Taste Buds and Love Their (literal) Heart:

Forget about roses and flowers altogether when you send your partner this invigorating treat. Brimming with freshness and healthful intentions, this abundant selection of juicy fruits and assorted luxury nuts is sure to set their stamina, with all the energy needed for a marathon of energetic Valentine’s night celebrations – wink wink, nudge nudge.

Choose a bold bouquet of red and yellow roses!:This strong selection of mixed roses includes red and pink blooms with pops of yellow to add just a touch of playfulness. The result is a fun, cheerful, statement bouquet which lands ever so slightly bit outside of traditional lines, just like your partner.

Send Them Everything They Need For A Cozy Snack and Snuggle Session!:

This thoughtful and indulgent Valentine’s day gift box is ready to set the stage for a night of cuddles and love. Biltong? Check. Chocolates? Check. Luxury mixed nuts and delicious dried fruit? Check? Now all that’s left is to pour each other a glass of non-alcoholic red wine, snuggle up on that couch and let the night lead you where it will…

Valentine’s Presents for the Rugged Rustic.

Wondering how to choose the ideal Valentine’s day flowers and gift for that sexy, rugged person who is a little bit rough and rustic at heart? You know we’ve got your back! Choose something strong, spicy, sexy or savoury for your lover, and watch all those defences melt away.

Set Your Person Up for A Night of Brews, Snacks and Sauciness!:The ultimate stay-in-and-chill gift box, this thoughtful rugged Valentine’s gift box has it all – non-alcoholic beers, luxury nuts and a selection of five hot sauces to help turn up the heat.

Cheer Up Their Space With A Golden Arrangement:

These unique two-toned orange-brandy roses are warm and welcoming. They’re arranged with care by your local florist and we think your person will love them – especially if they’re someone who has never received flowers before.

Care For Their Coffee Loving Soul:Send your person all they need to take their coffee-obsession to the next level with this Caturra coffee, biscotti biscuits and coffee plunger set. Plus, it includes a bonus luxury face mask to keep them stylishly protected!

Send Your Bokkie These Bosveld-inspired Blooms:

This perfectly rustic arrangement of South African blooms, fynbos and greenery is an ode to the local flora and fauna. Wrapped up in cute kraft paper, this unique creation is a special way to honour Valentine’s day at home.