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Celebrate Diwali with beautiful flowers

One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”. Over the five day celebration, homes are decorated with lights and lamps, marking the Hindu New Year. Bright, beautiful flowers have become commonplace in the decorating and celebration process.

As one of the most wonderfully bright and colourful religious events of the year, the occasion celebrates the new year and its promise of a radiant new beginning for all concerned. It is a magical time that symbolises prosperity, connection, vitality and the exchanging of gifts!

Here are some gorgeously colourful flowers that you can give to someone celebrating Diwali.


Traditionally, Marigolds are used to abundantly decorate homes during the Festival of Light. They have been called the “Herb of the Sun” and, scientifically, the Calendula officinalis variety are considered medicinal with a host of benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

In South Africa, Marigolds grow abundantly during the Summer months, colouring gardens and brightening landscapes. Marigolds are often available as cut flower stemmed bunches, their shorter stems make a perfect addition to a posy or small arrangements.


Roses & Orchids

Roses are another favourite Diwali flower used to decorate homes, as well as sacred and holy spaces and are seen as symbols of ushering in the new energy of light. Combined with Marigold petals, roses are often decorated in floating diyas and candles. They can be the perfect gift to celebrate this occasion.

Orchids are another beautiful option for Diwali, they symbolise beauty, love, strength and virility and they are often included in garland, balcony or stair railings decorations, filling the home with invigorating beauty and elegance.



Chrysanthemums are abundant in South Africa and rich in their colour diversity and vibrancy. They make an excellent “filler” flower adding volume and texture to flower bouquets and vase arrangements. This indigenous flower are also blooms that, if looked after, can last much longer than most fresh cut flowers and are available in a vast variety of vibrant colours.


Oriental Lilies

Finally, Oriental Lilies are symbols of wealth, innocence and beauty and are quite majestic in their appearance. The Stargazer Lily is the ideal lily to decorate with for your Diwali celebrations because of the sheer magnificence when fully in bloom.


Any of the above are perfect to gift to someone celebrating Diwali, or to use yourself to decorate your home in celebration of The Festival of Light.