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5 Beautiful Reasons Why Moms Are Like Flowers

Our mothers are among the most important people in our lives. They have watched us grow and shaped us into the people we are today, they are always around to support us, and have a smile and a tea ready when we’re feeling down. We owe a lot to our mothers, which is why Mother’s Day is such an important occasion.

Finding the perfect gift for your mother isn’t always the easiest of tasks, but one present never fails to bring a smile to her face: flowers. And who doesn’t love flowers? In many ways, our mothers are very similar to flowers and what they represent.

1. Mothers are Beautiful and Unique

Just like flowers, each and every mother is different and beautiful in their own unique way. She can be as strong and resilient as a protea or have a smile that beams like a sunflower. Whichever flower your mother personifies, celebrate her uniqueness by surprising her with the perfect rose, daffodil, or orchid this Mother’s Day.

2. Mothers Have Immense Strength

Plants are strong and hardy. They can prosper through the longest of droughts or the harshest of storms and still bloom with magnificent flowers. Our mothers are just as strong and beautiful – no matter the light. It doesn’t matter how difficult it was growing up, how many maths sums your mom helped you struggle through for homework, or if you were ill, your mother was always there to encourage and look after you. She would smile and make sure you didn’t see how hard she worked to be able to provide for you or how much she really worried about you. In the same way, plants keep on prospering so that they can bloom into the most beautiful of flowers.

3. Moms Also Needs A Little Love To Bloom

When we leave home, we don’t always come back to visit our parents for long stretches of time. Our own lives and circumstances get in the way. Much like flowers, your mother also needs love and support. Visit her every once in a while with a bouquet to show you still care and appreciate her. It can be a single rose or a bouquet of proteas, it doesn’t matter because you are showing your mother that you care. She understands that she raised you to be self-sufficient and successful, but don’t forget that even a simple phone call from you will always make her day.

4. Moms Brighten Up Our Day

A storm could be raging as you leave for work causing you to get soaked, your boyfriend could break up with you or your boss could be angry at you for no reason. Your mother is just a phone call away to say how proud she is of you and how much she loves you. Your mom will always be there to help you through life’s difficult situations, helping you live a happier day. In the same way, flowers always provide a sense of happiness. When you walk into a room and see a beautiful bouquet of roses, carnations or lilies, you can’t help but smile. Give your mom that same feeling, one of love and inner joy, and spoil her this Mother’s Day with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers – it may just make all of the difference to her.

5. Mothers See You Through Every Occasion

It doesn’t matter if she is taking copious amounts of photos for your Matric dance, helping you move into your first flat or beaming at the sight of your first child, your mother is always there to support you. She will be the person in your life who is a constant through all the changes you go through in life. Flowers will also be there for every occasion – a glorious bouquet of red roses to mark your first wedding anniversary, a pretty protea arrangement as a 25th birthday gift, a bouquet of beautiful lilies to celebrate the birth of a child, or a bright mixed bouquet to liven up every day life gifted to just show you you are loved.

Mother’s Day Flowers

This Mother’s Day, 13th May 2018, make sure your mom knows how much you love and appreciate her. Take her out to lunch, give her a call or send her some beautiful flowers. She loves you.

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