We Slayed the Dragons

Bloomable came out tops as one of the biggest investments of the season, capturing the attention of all 5 Dragons and securing a 3 million rand investment!

Dragons’ Den South Africa, in partnership with Telkom Business, allows budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to turn their dreams into a reality!

Over a thousand hopeful applicants put their businesses forward to participate in the inaugural series. Bloomable, along with 70 lucky finalists were selected to present in the Den. After weeks of preparation and a dash of good luck (not to mention one of the longest pitches in Dragons’ Den history!), we’ve come out on top as one of only two deals that sees all five Dragons investing and securing the second largest investment of the series. Our team is thrilled to have some of South Africa's top entrepreneurs as investors in our business and we look forward to building the Bloomable brand into a household name.

All 5 Dragons have pledged not only their money, but more importantly, their time and expertise into the reinvention of Bloomable and their contributions have proven invaluable.

“Our commitments are - and always will be – to support the independent florists. Through this partnership we will produce world-class products, ensuring that our customers always receive the freshest flowers, uniquely arranged with skill and care by a career florist and NEVER from a production line in a faceless warehouse,” says Wallander.

Keep your eyes on Bloomable. We’re about to reinvent the florist industry.