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Pretoria Central Flower & Gift Delivery

Bloomable (formerly SA Florist) speedily delivers the freshest flower and gift deliveries around Central Pretoria!

You will be able to find a wide variety of flowers and gifts on our evolving website, specifically catered to suit your personal needs, for any and every sort of occasion.

Our flowers are always the freshest and brightest. Our gifts are always the best and boldest. Maybe needed for a bright and joyful event like a wedding, which would use roses and pennygum very well, or maybe the need is more suited to something like carnations for a sombre event like a funeral. Whatever the occasion, we want our customers to be able to spoil those that they love the most.

If you find your friends and loved ones in the Pretoria Central area, or perhaps you are just passing through for a while to visit an old friend, don’t hesitate to use our innovative platform of homegrown gift merchants. 

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Soak and splash away all the daily woes with this...

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Welcome to the world little one!  Wrap them up in love...

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Soft on the palate with hints of black currant and plum this...
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Buff & Sock up his dad-bod with this sleek and...

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Coffee brewed for friends, sipped for pleasure and enjoyed by...

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This box is packed with hypnotic scents of summer daze -...
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It sets the tone for so many possibilities

The fragrant Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar...
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