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The Meaning Behind Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate Mum and open your heart to appreciate everything she done for you in your life so far. Learn about different flower meanings so that this Mother’s Day, you can pick the flowers that reflect your mom to the T!

Mothers Day Flowers & Gifts - Orchids


Orchids symbolize beauty, thoughtfulness, love, wisdom and strength and is a Chinese symbol for ‘many childred’. The perfect gift for the mom who is all these things and more.
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Mothers Day Flowers & Gifts - Lilies


Purity, refined beauty and an inspiration. If this encapsulates your mom then the lily is the perfect flower for her. There are different types of lilies – namely, casablancas, stargazers and umbellatums.
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Mothers Day Flowers & Gifts - Roses


Roses are an absolute classic over Mother’s Day. Rose colours symbolize everything from appreciation (pink), love (red), calm (lavender), vibrant (orange), caring (yellow) and purity (white).
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Mothers Day Flowers & Gifts - Carnations


It is Christian legend that carnations first appeared on earth where the Virgin Mary shed tears over Jesus’ death. Signifying beauty, love and faith, this flower symbolizes a mother’s undying love.
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Mothers Day Flowers & Gifts - Gerberas


The gerbera daisy represents happiness and cheerfulness. The perfect flower for the happy go lucky mom.
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