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10 Fun Facts About Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to surround Mom with love, compassion and kindness. Although, some may view this special day as “just another Hallmark Holiday” it is one of those days that we should really all stop and take notice of the remarkable woman or women in our lives that have been there for us through thick and thin. If you are a mom or have a special lady in your life, read on to discover 12 fun facts about Mother’s Day that you can use to wow and delight her – she will think you are very clever!

Fun Mother’s Day Facts

  • In the vast majority of the world’s languages, the word for “mother” begins with the letter M.
  • The consensus is not yet in in South Africa but in the United States alone, around 122 million phone calls are made to moms on Mother’s Day. WOW!
  • What are you getting your mother this Mother’s Day? Common gifts include: flowers, gift boxes, meals in restaurants, jewelry, gift cards, clothing, trips to an amazing spa, inspirational books & CDs, beauty & bath products and even gardening tools.

Historical Mother’s Day Facts

  • In the 1600’s England, the Catholic tradition of “Mothering Sunday” took place on the 4th Sunday of Lent. It began with a prayer service in honour of the Virgin Mary followed by children presenting their moms with flowers.
  • In 250 B.C. the spring festival called Hilaria was celebrated by the Roman culture. In dedication to the mother goddess called Cybele. Her followers would make floral offerings at the temples and giving thanks for the blessings of beauty, compassion and nurturing.
  • Rhea was the celebrated maternal goddess in the Greek mythological culture and was also honoured with floral gifts.
  • In 1870 a female activist, writer and poet by the name of Julia Ward suggested a day of peace and advocated other women to stand up against the war. From this plea she was able to get Boston to recognize mothers on the second Sunday of June. A huge challenge to overcome during that period of history.

Flowers for Mom

  • Mother’s Day sees around one quarter of all flowers purchased throughout the year falling on this holiday.
  • The carnations are very popular flowers for Mother’s Day but roses are also a very firm favourite in South Africa, specifically.
  • Studies and research has now proven that giving a bouquet of flowers has many positive health and psychological benefits. Mother’s Day flowers for excellent health.

It’s a very special time for Mother’s everywhere in South Africa on Mother’s Day. We celebrate on Sunday the 8th of May and selected florists countrywide will be delivering all weekend.

We look forward to making your Mother’s Day a memorable one.

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